What our customers say about us

M. Johnson or Rogue River, OR
My house has two heat pump systems and I have never been able to keep warm, until now. Since installing the Central Boiler the heating system actually blows "hot air".
- M. Johnson or Rogue River, OR
With more than forty acres of forest on our North costal California property, it seemed a natural to have a wood-burning heating system for our new home. Central Boiler has provided us with a comfortable, reliable source of heat. We power the entire system with our solar electric installation which provides ample power for the boiler, pumps and electronics as well as the zone pumps in the house. The system works beyond our expectations and to our great pleasure just in time to ride out the vastly increased prices for oil and gas. We highly recommend the product and service provided by Ray and his staff at Ogden Enterprises.
- Herb Pruett
Earl Evers
I used to heat my 2000 square foot home with propane. Since I had a rental tank I was at the mercy of my local propane supplier as to what ever they wanted to charge me and it was always at their highest rate. Through the coldest months my heating bill would run many hundreds of dollars and I was never warm. Since installing my Maxim M250 I now heat my home for next to nothing and my family is comfortable
- Earl Evers